Should The Federal Government Cut Social Spending Or Pay Higher Taxes ?

As the budget-time looms, the Federal government is faced with the dilemma: to cut social spending or to charge higher taxes. It has been a constant challenge for governments as they have attempted to balance their books. However, the challenge is increasing as we try to give greater assistance to some of the most poorest people in the community such as those with disabilities, and as the proportion of retired people in Australian society increases.

Life, Ethics And Faith In Australian Society – Due Out Soon

Life, Ethics and Faith in Australian Society: Facts and Figures is due for release in April 2014.


Tribute To Prof Ross Langmead

The Christian Research Association wishes to pay tribute to the life and work of Prof Ross Langmead who died on Saturday 29th June 2013. Ross was professor of mission studies at Whitley College, the Baptist College of Victoria and a good friend of the CRA.

Youth Ministry

A recent book from the USA, Almost Christian: What the Faith of our Teenagers is Telling the American Church, is built on the observation most American young people who are engaged in religion are ‘luke-warm’ about it. They see God as wanting people to be good, nice and fair to each other, but God is not involved in their lives, except to help them serve problems. The author, Kenda Dean, argues that young people are reflecting the attitudes in their families and in their churches. She suggests that young people are not articulate and passionate about the Christian faith because they have not heard a high level of articulation or experienced a high level of passion in their homes or in their churches.